About the Founder

Poorani Doonan, founder of Speech with Milo, is a licensed speech-language pathologist based in San Ramon, California. Poorani recognized the versatility of the iPad and iPhone in speech therapy, and created a range of apps that provide both parents and speech pathologists with affordable interactive tools to help children enhance language building skills. Poorani recently joined the Special Education Team at a local school district and provides therapy for children Kindergarten-5th grade. She has presented to Apple on the benefits and applications of using the iPad for speech therapy.

About the Company

Speech with Milo, which was created under the umbrella of Doonan Speech Therapy, is an educational platform that provides parents, teachers, and speech language pathologists with engaging, fun, and affordable apps to help children develop basic language building skills. Doonan Speech Therapy offers a range of interactive speech therapy tools that can be used for a broad spectrum of needs for kids of all ages and abilities. These include iOS apps for storytelling (sequencing and interactive storybook), language development (verbs, adjectives, prepositions), and articulation (board game), which can help any child stay focused, attentive, and entertained while learning and improving language skills. The family of apps have had more than 350,000 downloads.


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Speech with Milo: Articulation Board Game

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Speech with Milo: Sequencing

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Speech with Milo: Interactive Storybook

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Speech with Milo: Adjectives

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