Language Lab: Spin & Speak – Social Skills


Spin and Speak: Social Skills app is an entertaining board game designed to help teach the pragmatics of language.   The app focuses on the following areas: instrumental (requesting things, asking for help), regulatory (directing others), interactional (exchanging information), personal (maintaining contact, interests), heuristic (discovery, making choices), imaginative (creative imagery) and informative (statements of fact, storytelling).  You can set up each student and track their performance using our data tracking.  You can email the data at any time during or after the game. Before each game, you can choose one or all of these areas for each student.

As the student plays the game, flashcards will pop up asking questions or giving scenarios for them to address.  Data can be collected as the game progresses and a report can be generated to show progress.  This game is a great tool for all children needing help with simple conversations and can especially be used with students using augmentative communication devices.

This game is a partnership between PRC and Speech with Milo. 

PRC is a global leader in the development of AAC Solutions including Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices, computer access products, and other assistive technology for individuals with severe speech disorders.  An employee-owned company, PRC has enabled thousands of children and adults worldwide with speech disorders to achieve spontaneous, independent, and interactive communication regardless of their disability, literacy level, or motor skills.

Speech with Milo offers Speech Apps created to provide parents, teachers and SLP’s with versatile and fun speech and language tools for children.  With the mission of improving the lives of children worldwide, all Milo apps are based on important needs used in therapy.  Milo’s lighthearted approach to building language skills is certain to keep your child engaged and enthusiastic.  We take great pride in offering innovative, high quality apps at an affordable price.

Note- this app does not work on the first generation iPad

PRC is pleased to introduce a new app in a series of apps featuring the six Stages of Language Development featured in our AAC Language Lab (  This App focuses on Language Functions in all stages and is a great tool for use with augmentative communicators.

Check out and for more information about stages of language development as well as augmentative communication.