Speech with Milo: Therapy Tool Kit


Speech with Milo brings you the Speech Therapy Tool Kit!  Created by a licensed SLP, the Tool Kit offers nine great tools for parents, therapists, and teachers.  We hope you enjoy!

Let’s start with the fun ones:

  • Milo’s Sticker Chart is great for rewarding children. There are a lot of cute stickers for your child to choose from.  You can have a sticker chart for as many children as you like.
  • The Coloring Book is good fun for any child.  You can color on the iPad or print it out and color the old fashioned way.
  • Therapy Ideas is new and improved.  We have 130 ideas for activities focused on speech and language, and we continue to add more.  We have the ideas broken into ‘general’, ‘articulation’, ‘language’, and ‘videos’.

Articulation Tool

Our popular Articulation images are now available in printable homework sheets.  There are approximately 1400 images.

Tracking Tools

  •  Milo’s Goal Tracker allows you to organize and track goals for an unlimited number of children.
  •  Therapy Notes to keep daily SOAP notes.  Goals entered in Goal Tracker are carried through to Therapy Notes. You can enter unlimited notes for unlimited children.
  •  The Attendance Tracker does exactly as it suggests- keeps track of attendance.
  • Our IEP calendar tracks and remind you of IEP’s for multiple children.  It is easy to use and reminds you on the iPad.

Age Calculator

Age Calculator is a simple calculator to easily calculate a child’s age.  You can also play around to see how long you have been married or any number of things.  Kind of fun!  Note- you get 5 for free.

All tools are free, but with limitations.  To gain full access to all tools, you may subscribe for $1/month.  If you would like to just purchase one or more tools by themselves, you can purchase just those items perpetually (not a monthly subscription).  We would like you to gain access your way, which is why we offer these two options.


To cancel a subscription, go to settings -> iTunes/app store -> apple id -> manage subscriptions