Speech with Milo: Nouns


  • Featured as one of “The Top 5 Apps in 2013” in Center for Digital Education
  •  As seen in ADVANCE magazine
  • Created by a Speech-Language Pathologist, Speech with Milo apps have been downloaded over 350,000 times to improve language skills.

Speech with Milo: Nouns will facilitate communication and creative sharing of videos between service providers and parents.  “Nouns” uses  the iPad’s camera feature as a substitute for a mirror, while simultaneously displaying the stimulus word on the iPad.  This allows the child to be a part of the stimulus word presentation.  The child can practice the word displayed while watching him/herself, and the therapist can record and save a video of the child speaking.  This video can be safely shared with a parent, teacher, or other service provider.

Nouns was created to increase vocabulary skills (mainly common objects, places, people, etc.) in early language learners.

  • Please note that the iPad 1 does not have a front facing camera so the child’s image will not be displayed.  You will only be able to see the pictures of the nouns.

There are many, many uses for these features so that you can make therapy engaging and interactive.  For example, when a picture of a frog is displayed, the child can pretend to be a frog and say “ribbit.”  When a picture of a pizza is displayed, you can pretend to “eat” the pizza and encourage the child to imitate.  These videos can be shared as examples of the child’s speech, a way to model therapy for follow-up with parents, or to assign homework.

Here are some ways you can use this app in therapy.

  • Increase noun vocabulary
  • Increase utterance length (expand to phrases and sentences- )
  • Increase imitation skills
  • Work on pretending
  • Answer questions (Y/N, “Wh”)
  • Provide immediate feedback by playing the video

Recording and Sharing Videos

You can record a video by pressing the record button in the top right hand corner of the main interactive pages.

Press the record button again to stop recording.  You can record a series of words in one video.

Save by typing in a title.

Access the videos either from the interactive pages you are currently working in or the home page by pressing the “Your Videos” button.

A list of your currently saved videos are displayed.

Playback the video by clicking on the title

Share the video by clicking the share button and choose method of sharing (e.g. by email).

An email with a link to the video is automatically created.  Type in the email address of the person you want to share it with and click send.

The person receiving the email link can click on the video and it will playback in any browser.

You can delete videos in your list at any time by clicking edit.


There are two adjustable settings in this app.

You can turn off the word that is spoken.

You can turn off the text that is displayed with the picture.

Privacy Policy- Speech with Milo does not track ANY specific information about you.  We only know the country from which there was a download.  We do track the amount of data used when a video is shared, but it there is no individual specific data tracked.

Video sharing is confidential and COPPA compliant.